Google Glass XE16 Software Update is Live

Google said that they were going to release the XE16 software update “later this week”. Apparently, time goes by fast at Google headquarters – probably from all the coffee – because in under 24 hours since the announcement, the update has been released and people’s devices are already updating.

Google let us get a few previews of XE16, but now that the update is out, let us explore all the new features of XE16.

Google Glass XE16 Update


The biggest part of this update is the KitKat upgrade. Kitkat is the latest version of the Android operating system, and should improve the battery life of Google Glass. The KitKat upgrade will also allow developers to take advantage of the latest SDK features.

Photo Bundles

Photo Bundles

Photos, vignettes and videos are bundled by days for better organization and easier finding.

Send Photo Messages

Google Glass messages can now include a photo. Photos can be sent by themselves or with a spoken message.

Better Home Menu Sorting

“Ok Glass,” menu options are now sorted by how often they are used and by how recently they were used.

Play Music Instant Mixes

Explorers can now access mixes based on their favorite songs and the artists in their Play Music library.

Easier Wifi Setup

If backup is enabled on one of your Android devices, your Wifi networks will be stored on your Google Account. This means that Google Glass will automatically connect to wifi networks you’ve setup on Android.

Networking Help

Google Glass Networking Help

If you’re struggling with connecting Google Glass to wifi, Google Glass will offer some helpful information about your connection and some things that might help you get connected.


You can send feedback about Google Glass by going to the Device info card.

No More Video Calls and Song Search

Both video calls and song search were removed in this update due to the fact that not many Explorers were taking advantage of the features.

So, those are all the new things in this update. Some decent changes, especially the easier wifi setup. Pretty sure most Explorers are excited about the better battery life consider the battery is one of the main complaints about Google Glass.

Do you have any thoughts to share about this update? Are you upset that video calls and song search were removed? Share your thoughts and opinions with us in the comments section down below!