Google Is Hiring VR Engineers To Develop Dedicated Consumer VR Hardware

google vr hiring

In a recent report, it was indicated that Google has chosen Clay Bavor (former VP of Gmail and Drive) to lead a VR division. Virtual Reality is definitely the next best thing and all major companies are currently squeezing their brains out and coming up with ideas to create the perfect devices. Google already made its debut with a VR headset called Cardboard, which is made of low-cost components (it doesn’t contain any electronics), and now, the signs are suggesting that the company is planning to manufacture VR hardware. According to the latest job listings, Google is looking for a Hardware Engineering Technical Lead Manager and a PCB Layout Engineer.

The Google Cardboard is a cheap alternative to many high end VR headsets, such as Samsung’s Gear, but unfortunately, it lacks many features, as it’s only a simple smartphone VR viewer. However, soon, Google will start producing its own consumer virtual reality hardware which will make the perfect team with Google’s Android ecosystem and content.

So, in the near future, Google will focus on developing consumer virtual reality hardware and it’s looking for the right people to bring this project to life. And a few days ago, the company has posted VR job listings for its Mountain View, CA headquarters. The candidates must have experience in designing and delivering consumer VR hardware and there are two elite positions to be filled: Hardware Engineering Technical Lead Manager and a PCB Layout Engineer.

The Hardware Engineering Technical Lead Manager will build multiple CE devices with the help of a motivated team with which should interact harmoniously. The resulted consumer hardware products should be revolutionary and manufactured at the lowest cost. Also, the candidates should have a BS degree in Electrical Engineering or equivalent practical experience and it’s mandatory to have four years of experience managing engineering teams.

The PCB Layout Engineer will work with Hardware Designers and Mechanical Engineers and will make sure that the devices are reliable and robust, while applying state of art industry standards, tools and technologies, according to external fabricators or vendors’ suggestions.

Google is also hiring an Engineering Project Specialist and an Electrical Hardware Engineer.

Sources: RoadToVR & 9to5google