Google Launches “Glass at Work” and Targets Businesses

Google Glass is hit or miss when it comes to being accepted by businesses. A few businesses have come out and openly supported the device and are using it to improve themselves, but a lot of businesses have already banned the device due to the negative news that surrounds it.

Google Glass

Well, Google wants to increase the amount of companies that are accepting and are using Google Glass to help further their business. Google has launched a new program that aims to bring more businesses in the Explorer group.

The new program is called “Glass at Work”. The new program is going to provide tech support and other tools for businesses, from what the New York Times is reporting.

We’ve seen Google Glass being used in all sorts of professions. We’ve seen NBA teams use it, doctor offices use, lawyers use it – it makes sense for Google to start offering its help in the business department.

If you would like to send in your details as a developer or as an enterprise, then you can fill out the forms here.

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