Google Glass Style Patent Was Approved by Google – Best Features and Improvements

Google Glass Style Patent Was Approved by Google - Best Features and Improvements

The latest patent that Google has been approved could be the next version of the Google Glass. The electronic augmented reality device comes with a headband that stays on the wearer’s ear and temple, curved around the back of the head.

The device comes with a display element that’s suspended over the eye, which is quite similar to the design of the original Google Glass headset design. We remind you that Google has suspended the sales of the first Google Glass at the beginning of 2015, in order to form its own research division so that the team could promote the product.

The new “Bendy” Google Glass will feature a small camera that will be able to film from the wearer’s perspective, being able to project augmented reality displays on the user’s vision.

According to the document, this could be made through a LED/Laser source or a liquid crystal display that will draw a raster display directly onto the retina of one user’s eye. We remind you that the previous versions of the augmented reality glasses also worked by projecting an image into the display prism, which was transmitted into the user’s eye.

At the same time, a touch sensitive surface will allow you to interact with the new Google Glass. The circuitry will be housed in the flexible band, which can be adjusted in order to fit the user’s head.

The same document confirms that the band will contain a magneto rheological (MR) fluid, which turns into solid state in the presence of a magnetic field. The magnetic field will most likely be generated by the device itself by using the electromagnetics that are inside the band in order to retain the position of the device, once it’s adjusted by the user.

In addition, some high-friction material (thermoplastic elastomer or rubber) will help main contact with the users’s head. The device will probably be released in different sizes (large, medium or small) and there will be variants for the right eye or for the left eye.

We remind you that Google has released its Google Glass device back in 2013. There are also other companies who are experimenting with augmented reality headsets, which manufactured goggles that allow the users to see through the body of their cars.

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