Green Bay Metro Fire Department is Playing with Google Glass

Google Glass may not be the hottest piece of tech anymore, but that is not stopping different companies, organizations, and public services from testing it. According to a few reports, the Green Bay Metro Fire Department is experimenting with Google Glass, and they are looking for different ways to use the device to investigate and prevent fires.

The fire department doesn’t have a custom application built for the device. Rather, they are experimenting with the device’s standard features, in which they see a lot of potential.


In an interview, Nick Craig, a firefighter, talked a little about the device and how they might use it. He thinks that the hands-free video recording could be extremely useful when it comes to documenting crucial information after a fire. Also, he thinks that Google Glass and mapping systems could help fire fighters navigate an area and find important things like nearby fire hydrants. Besides using Google Glass for recording post-fire investigations and using it for its GPS, Craig plans on using the device to record fire prevention videos.

While they have been playing with basic features, the department still hasn’t even taken the device near extreme temperatures, so they still have a lot of experimenting to do in that regard. Really, considering how Google Glass could barely handle normal weather, who knows if it will be able to handle the warmth of a fire.

Also, just so you know, the Green Bay Metro Fire Department is well aware that the device has been discontinued for now. They just want to experiment with the device and “get their feet wet”. And, Craig is actually hoping the next version of Google Glass comes out at some point.