Interesting Unofficial Concept Render for Ray Ban Version of Google Glass


Most Explorers have heard about the partnership with Luxottica , the makers of Ray Ban and Oakley. The partnership was announced a few weeks ago, so there hasn’t been enough time for some designs to be made and to be shown off to the World. With that said, T3 The Gadget Experts created an interesting 3D concept that shows what Google Glass might eventually look like due to the recent Luxottica partnership.

This is an unofficial concept, so the likelihood of these designs to become real is extremely low. While it is unofficial concept, it’s a pretty good concept and it would be pretty awesome to have Google Glass look like this.

What are your thoughts on this concept? Would you buy Google Glass if looked similar to the design in the video? Do you think it is a realistic concept? Please share your thoughts and answers with us in the comment section down below.