Ivy Ross Is The New Head Of Google Glass

Ivy Ross has been appointed head of Google Glass. Starting May 19th, Ivy Ross will lead Google’s smart glasses team.

Ms Ross is replacing Babak Parviz and will be working under Google X. She will essentially be working for Astro Teller and Sergey Brin.

Ivy Ross has held several high-level marketing positions at companies such as Mattel, the Gap, Disney, Coach and Old Navy. She also worked for a lens manufacturer called Bausch and Lomb in the early 90s. She was Vice president of design and development at the company.

Ivy Ross

Ivy Ross posted this status on the Google Glass G+ profile.

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While Ivy Ross has a good background in retail, I’m indifferent about this change. Google has essentially failed at marketing their product. Hopefully, Ivy Ross will be able to change the perception of Google Glass, but I doubt she will be able to do it. Google Glass has allowed myths to brew in the shadows for over a year, never acknowledges the unfortunate events that happens around it, and mostly focuses on marketing the product to existing Explorers. The only marketing that has been done towards a non-tech crowd was via sports events and a few news stations. Besides that, I haven’t seen any marketing of the product that would make the average person change their opinions about it.

A decent amount of people like the device, but a majority of people think it is some creepy pair of glasses. Unless they do some serious marketing, then nothing is going to change. We’ll continue to see negative headlines, negative comments, and legislation against the device. Google Glass has relied so heavily on Explorers to market the product, but that is obviously not working. Hopefully, Ivy Ross realizes she is going to have to fight a big wave of negativity to even make a minute amount of progress towards positivity. Those are just my thoughts.

What are your thoughts? Do you think this a positive change for Google Glass and its team? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!