LA Surgeons Used Google Glass to Train Surgeons in Africa

Recently, a small group of surgeons volunteered their time to participate in a conference in Cape Town to help train over a dozen African surgeons. The group of surgeons used Google Glass during the training conference. The surgeons mainly used the device to record footage that can be used as training videos.

Google Glass

The group of surgeons consisted of members from the Red Cross Children’s Hospital and three doctors; Dr. Phillip Frykma, Dr. Marc Levitt and Dr. Alp Numanoglu. The group of surgeons used Google Glass during the conference to train over a dozen surgeons from nine African countries. The training focused on good practices and how to find and work with equipment that will not destroy their budgets. Also, Dr. Frykman spoke to the surgeons in training about how they can solve problems with very limited resources.

The main way Google Glass was put to use during the conference was to record footage on proper equipment placement and good operating room techniques. The footage that was recorded was given to the surgeons who participated in the training to take back to their countries so that they can use it to help train their colleagues.

As we all know, point-of-view footage is probably one of the best ways to show off something. So, the footage can definitely be helpful when it comes to training people.

There have been a few instances of Google Glass being used in America to train students and surgeons, but this is the first time the device has been used to record training videos for surgeons in Africa.

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Source: Mending Kids