Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge Comments on Google Glass

When Google Glass first came out, people were very quick to point out the device that Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge wore on his face. While his wearable VISOR is a lot cooler and allows him to see, it’s compared to Google Glass all the time. We’ve seen countless Memes that compare Google Glass and the VISOR that Lieutenant Commander Geordi wears on his face.

For example:

Awesomely enough, the actor, LeVar Burton, that rocked the well-known wearable within the Star Trek series has commented on Google Glass. Sadly, it’s not really the type of comment that you would expect.

In an interview that was posted on The Washington Post, LeVar Burton was asked the following question:

“One is to ask you about what you think about Google Glass, as sort of the original man with the wearable tech, what do you see as the potential of wearable tech and Google Glass?”

LeVar Burton, Lieutenant Commander Geordi La Forge in Star Trek, answered with the following:

“I’m a big fan of technology of all sorts. And I’ve been surprised at my own reaction to wearable tech, certainly where Glass is concerned. I was very excited about Google Glass, certainly very interested in it. And then when I encountered it for the first time, my first question was, “Well, are you recording me?”

So the issue of discernment and privacy comes up for me. And I just believe that we will need to do a much better job of being transparent, no pun intended, in how we interface with these technologies before they reach critical mass. I believe there’s just way too much skepticism still. And the first adopters are really taking the brunt for all of us in terms of being the first wave of those who are getting this first response that, certainly, surprised me. As much a fan as I am of technology, my first reaction was one of self-preservation.”

Even the man who rocked a (fictional) wearable for a good chunk of his career has privacy concerns when it comes to Google Glass. To be honest though, I’m not completely shocked. For every positive headline that Google Glass gets there are 20 that surround the privacy issues that Google Glass has. It’s pretty crazy how such a tiny camera on a device has caused such a big commotion.

I think we can all agree with LeVar Burton though. We all need to be a bit more transparent with what we’re doing. And, that the early Explorers really are taking the brunt of it all. I wouldn’t say that Explorers are discriminated against, but Explorers have been the center of some cringe-worthy incidents.

With all that being said, each day is a small step forward. Google Glass is making great leaps in certain fields, and even the public doesn’t accept it for a long time, Google Glass is here and it’s here to stay.

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Source: The Washington Post