LynxFit Creators Join APX Labs


APX Labs posted a tweet yesterday announcing that the people behind LynxFit have joined their team. LynxFit is a Google Glass fitness app that challenges people with different workouts and allows them to share their fitness activity with friends. Noble Ackerson, Cecilia Abadie, and Mauro Canziani are the people behind LynxFit.

APX Labs is a “Glass at Work” certified partner that, like all of the companies in the “Glass at Work” program, helps businesses and organizations create Google Glass software. APX Labs’ main product is “SkyLight”, which is a software platform that helps businesses to create applications for a variety of smart glasses. From what 9to5google is saying, the crew from LynxFit was brought into APX Labs to help with the software platform.

“Bringing [their] domain expertise to APX’s Skylight platform, a leading enterprise software platform for wearable technology,” says Ackerson.

Noble Ackerson, Cecilia Abadie, and Mauro Canziani have done a lot for the Google Glass community already and they are pretty popular people among the Google Glass community as well. I’m definitely interested to see how these people are going to help improve SkyLight.

via: 9to5Google