Many New Features For Google Glass: Apps, Videos And Resources For Developers


Google wants to bring their Glasses on the nose of every American. With each passing day brings us closer to the official launch of this object, it shows how Google is taking care of everything related to the glasses. In addition to developer programs launched in recent months and the publicity made by celebrities, the whole ecosystem around Google Glass is always great attention to detail. Yesterday evening, in order to help novice users, were published a series of video tutorials that allow you to quickly and easily configure and manage them.

In addition to this, Google has partnered with VSP Global, a major company in the United States which operates a network of 29,000 doctors and owns two very important brands like Marchon Eyewear and Altair Eyewear. The intent of the agreement is to be able to bring the Google Glass also to all the people who already have a pair of eyeglasses through the creation of other lenses.

But it does not end here. Google has opened the Mirror API to all Google Glass developers and at with new and very interesting applications: Strava, Allthecooks, Word Lens, GolfSight, Spellista.


With Strava Run app you will be able to obtain information on the routes of various types, known arrival times, characteristics along the way and record your own time in order to share it via social networks.


With Allthecooks the kitchen will be the highlight of Glass. Recipes, ingredient information and guides to become perfect Chef will be at your pupil.


Word Lens for Glass is a server to learn to ski or see your preferred tracks but uses augmented reality to translate signs, texts and information in your language by simply framing the subject.


Golfers can practice on Google Glass with GolfSight. An expensive accessory, at least at the moment. Find information on the field, accurate distance, scores and much more.


Play with Spellista Glass game, a sort of crossword where we compose the word by selecting letters with head movements.