Microsoft: Pre-orders of HoloLens Have Been Amazing


Microsoft has revealed last month its HoloLens mixed reality head-mounted display. This device will be sold to specific developers that have applied for a kit in Q1 2016. Until now, Microsoft hasn’t revealed how many developers have jumped at the chance to pre-order HoloLens, but the company is “very, very happy” with the number of applicants.

Scott Erickson, the Senior director of HoloLens, said that the amount of developers for a HoloLens kit is very high. Unfortunately, the company will not share numbers for now, but Erickson added that they are very excited with the numbers they’ve seen. He already added that since they’ve presented the HoloLens back on January 21, 2015, the “hone doesn’t stop ringing”, which clearly means that there are many people interested on getting their hands on it.

It seems that one of the reasons why Microsoft doesn’t want to give out numbers yet is because it’s not sure yet if all the people who’ve applied are truly developers. Erickson knows that a lot of people are excited about the device, but they want to make sure that those who will get the HoloLens developer kit will also start developing applications for it.

Keep in mind that the developer edition of HoloLens costs 3000 dollars and we’re not sure yet when a consumer version of the device will be released. There are rumors which say that once the customer version of HoloLens will be released, it will be cheaper than the developer version, but this was not confirmed by Microsoft and it is too early to estimate that.

We’re not sure when Microsoft will announce the “public” variant of this device and how much it will cost, but hopefully sometime in the middle of 2016 we will find out.

Do you think that Microsoft will release the public variant of HoloLens before the end of 2016?

Sources: VRFocus and SegmentNext.