Must Have Apps for New Google Glass Owners

Just got your Google Glass and looking for some interesting apps to test out? Well, here you go. Below you can find several applications that I deem worthy to be installed and used by new Google Glass owners.


Word of the Day

A simple application that is loved among the Google Glass community. If you haven’t already guessed by the name, after you install this app a new vocabulary word is sent to you every day.


KitchMe is a beautifully crafted app for Google Glass that you can use to search for recipes. Finding recipes and the necessary ingredients is as simple as talking, tapping and sliding.

Quotes for Glass

This is an application that allows you to look up quotes in over 100 different categories. If you ever have a day where you need to hear an inspirational quote or any other type of quote, then this app can come in handy.

Glass To Do

There is a lot to do these days. Many of us are extremely busy and forget tasks that need to be completed. This is a simple to-do list app for Google Glass that can help you keep track of what needs to get done.


This is an application that allows you to take pictures with filters, but you’ve probably already guessed that by the name. If you’re into picture filters, then definitely install this application.


If you read a lot of news, then this is definitely an app that you want to install on Glass. Winkfeed lets you subscribe to your favorite news feeds and delivers the important news directly to Google Glass on a set schedule, or as the stories break.

You can also take a look at Glass Feeds, which is pretty similar. The only difference between the two is that Winkfeed monitors social trends to deliver the most important news, while Glass Feeds just delivers the new

Note: Apps past this point require you to install them via ADB. It’s not that hard a process, so don’t doubt yourself before you even begin. You can find out how to install apps using ADB right here, and you can even install them using this Chrome extension.

Glass Hunt

This is a pretty simple game that is similar to Duck Hunt, but is meant for Google Glass. Using head motions you shoot down clay discs to achieve a score. There’s no leaderboard, so the only challenge in the game is beating your own high score.

Bluetooth Manager App

I recommend installing this application because there will probably be a time where you want to connect a keyboard, or some other bluetooth accessory. This is probably the best app out for managing bluetooth on Google Glass.

Power Options

The battery life of Google Glass is the number one complaint among Explorers. This application can help you get a little more time out of the battery in Glass. With Power Options, you can toggle wireless and bluetooth off whenever you want thus saving a bit of battery life. This application won’t help you save much battery life, but it can at least help you get another hour.

Final Thoughts

I think this is a good set of apps that Explorers should give a go. I didn’t really want to include a lot of apps that require you to compile or install them via ADB, because really you should be testing out the core features of the device when you first get it instead of going straight to the “complicated” stuff. Still, I included a few because eventually you are going to have to learn how to sideload / install apps any way. Hope you enjoyed the list!

Feel free to suggest your own apps in the comment section down below.