MyGlass APP for iOS

Quiet like a ninja, Google has released a MyGlass app for iOS devices in the itunes store. MyGlass is used to pair and manage Glass on your iPhone. Android users have had the luxury of Google Glass support for a while now, but now it’s iOS time to shine!


According to the MyGlass description in the APP store, it can go through the initial set up, grab directions while moving, screencast, add contacts and add glassware.

The only requirement to use the app at this point is that you will need to upgrade your Google Glass to the newly released XE12 firmware.
So, if you have an iOS device, then you can head on over to the APP Store and download it.

Google Glass and iTunes

Google Glass and itunes currently aren’t compatible and probably never will be. If you want to get your music from itunes to Google Glass, then the best way to go about that is to download Google Play and import your itunes music. This will allow you to get your music from itunes to Google Glass and let you experience the benefits of both music worlds. Currently, you can only import 20,000 songs to Google Play, so if you have more songs than that, then you will have to pay.