Is Mystery Barge Going To Be First Google Glass Showroom

There’s a mystery barge in San Francisco Bay for about a week. No one yet knows why and for what reason it is there. Is it a part of the new Google project? Some says the barge houses a fancy, floating showroom for the Google Glass. Probably the showroom will also house other products of Google.

Is Mystery Barge Going To Be First Google Glass Showroom

KPIX-TV in San Francisco said the mystery structure in San Francisco Bay will become one of a small fleet of luxury event spaces. It will be for invitation-only visitors and to be completed with a party deck.

Multiple sources said similar stories and one aboard the barge noted it was dreamed up at Google X, a secret facility of the search giant where engineers have discussed and cooked up Google projects such as a self-driving car and of course the recent buzz Google Glass tiny eyewear computing gadget.

Since the mystery barge, two other barges have been spotted. One included in the Portland, Maine, harbor.

One source also said Google wants to upstage rival Apple’s stylized retail stores with its fancy barges.

The U.S. Coast Guard has confirmed in a press statement it is working with the owners of the barge to assure it has proper permits and permissions. Other details are yet to come. Even the San Francisco Mayor Ed Lee is tight lipped. Talking to KPIX he said, “They’ve kept a secret from me as well.”