Nissan To Unveil Glass-Like Wearable 3E Later This Month

Nissan is coming up with a glass-like wearable computing gadget that is specifically designed for the drivers. The tiny eyewear is slated to be unveiled later this month.

Nissan To Unveil Glass-Like Wearable 3E Later This Month

A dark, futuristic video was launched by Nissan earlier this week. The glass is dubbed as Nissan 3E in the video, which features a shirtless model and is equipped with intense music. A very short peek of the gadget looks like a souped-up version of Google Glass.

It is reported the upcoming Nissan 3E could compete with the Google’s device. Last month the Google Glass posed a problem for a Californian lady driver who was issued first-ever ticket for driving with the gadget. The ticket read, “Driving with monitor visible to driver (Google Glass).”

According to Nissan, its 3E eyewear device is still under development.

Nissan 3E can be connected to the Internet in real time. The device will allow wearer to overlay the acquired information on the gadget, communicate with others, record projected images and more. More details of the new device is still awaited, but Car and Driver writes it stands for “third eye.”

Earlier in September Nissan also introduced a smartwatch for car drivers with the help of which one can track the performance data of the vehicle, monitor its efficiency and also can connect to his or her social media platforms.