NitroPCR: The First ePCR App with Google Glass Integration

If you haven’t noticed, Google Glass is becoming quite the hit in medical fields. Almost every day we hear news about doctors, nurses, and surgeons using Google Glass for different tasks. Google Glass has definitely hit a few road bumps here and there, but most people who work in the medical field and have tried Google Glass seem to enjoy it.

With one of the most recent developments involving Google Glass, we might soon see Google Glass being used by more than just regular doctors and surgeons. The next time you get picked up by an ambulance or emergency services in general, you might spot them using Google Glass.


NitroPCR is an ePCR (Electronic Patient Care Reporting) application that was recently launched. Patient care reports are pretty much a summary of everything that emergency services knows about a patient and what they did to a patient during transportation. So, a patient care report would include the patient’s medical problem, the medicine they were given, billing information, what emergency vehicle they were picked up by, and things of that sort. NitroPCR basically helps EMTs create these patient care reports efficiently on their mobile device. The application allows real-time reporting on patients, can be operated by voice commands, works with all android devices, and is HIPAA compliant.

While NitroPCR doesn’t sound that different from other ePCR software, it’s actually a quite innovative piece of software. Most of NitroPCR’s competitors don’t have a complete mobile solution. Most competitors use windows machines to run their ePCR software. So, the fact that NitroPCR is a 100% mobile solution is quite innovative. NitroPCR also has no upfront costs and is the cheapest solution out there.

Being a completely mobile solution and being cost effective makes NitroPCR a game changer already. With that being said, the coolest thing about the application is the fact that it has Google Glass integration. Yup, this ePCR application is compatible with Google Glass. So, not only is it the first 100% mobile ePCR solution, but it’s also the first to have Google Glass integration.

When an emergency medical dispatcher dispatches an ambulance to a call, anyone who uses the NitroPCR application and has Google Glass in the vehicle will get a notification about the dispatch. The EMTs wearing Google Glass can do several things after receiving the notification. They can:

View Details About The Call



Get Directions and Navigation Details for The Call


Change the Dispatch Status to Enroute, On Scene, or Clear




Pretty much, thanks to the Google Glass integration, EMTs can stay up to date with critical information and get navigation details instantly. Open Frame LLC, the company behind NitroPCR, is pretty awesome for making their application compatible with Google Glass. It’s literally the first app of its kind to be 100% mobile and to have Google Glass integration.

Since this is now available, hopefully we will hear some news about emergency services and EMTs using Google Glass. Obviously, it’s totally up to the emergency services companies to pick up Google Glass and to start using NitroPCR. With that being said, I see no reason for them not to. NitroPCR is a superior, cheaper solution to what is currently out there and it’s Google Glass compatible. Why would they not want to use it? Still, even if no emergency service decides to use it, this is still out there, which is cool.

If you would like to learn more about NitroPCR and what it does, then you can head on over to their main website @

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July 4, 2014