Now You Can Even Play Super Mario On Google Glass. Learn How

For all the gaming crazy people here’s a good news. Your favorite Super Mario is now also available on Google Glass. Yes, you can play Super Mario game on the tiny eyewear computing gadget.

Now You Can Even Play Super Mario On Google Glass. Learn How

A Google Glass wearer Brandyn White has found out a way how to play the game with just your eyes. He has discovered a $25 hack to it that uses the pupil-tracking as a control input to it. Remember, officially as of now the gadget only supports voice dictation, head movements and touch as methods of input.

White has come up with a video in which he shows how he took a 3D-printed webcam from Formlabs and then inserted it into the wearable device to enable eye detection.

Apart from the eye detection, the video also shows White has configured a wearable controller to be worn inside his shirt. The controller has been named as Makey Makey.

White runs the game on the Glass through an NES emulator and plays it by simply shrugging his shoulders. The video shows Google Glass is connected to a local server.

White also demonstrated in another example playing the game by just using the eye detection technology. He moved his eyes back and forth and controlled the Super Mario. The delay in control is less than a second as of now, but White says it could work to the advantage of players.

He added, “Interestingly, having a delay allows you to execute the action in advance and then observe the result later.”