“OKDoor” APP and Home Automation

Explorers and developers have only been testing out Google Glass for about a year or so, and we have already seen some pretty amazing stuff come to the device. We have seen the device get real-time translations, facial recognition, augmented reality sports apps, and many other things. Really, crazier things are going to come to Google Glass in the future, and we are only seeing a small portion of what Google Glass is capable of doing.

It seems the next thing people are trying to do with Google Glass is use it to enhance the “household experience”. I say this because several companies are developing glassware that allows you to automate certain tasks inside your house. A few days ago, BrivoLabs unveiled an app called “OKDoor” that allows Google Glass users to control physical doors with Google Glass.

The app works by providing the Google Glass user with a notification that a person outside wants to gain access. When someone tries to gain access to a location, an outdoor camera takes a snapshot and pushes it to the person wearing Google Glass. The person wearing Google Glass can then decide if they want to grant access to the person or not. Watch this Video to see “OKDoor” in action:

“OKDoor” isn’t the first home automation app to be unveiled. While “OKDoor” is a cool application and I’m sure many people will give it a whirl if they can, the app seems very limited in the way that it can only … well … open doors. Other companies seem to take a more realistic approach that doesn’t involve cameras, and allows you to control multiple things inside your home. For example, if you take a look at the video below, then you can see what Revolv was able to come up with. Their application allows you to control lights, doors, and turn on the radio.

One thing I should mention is that while “OKDoor” is limited it is supposedly meant to be a demo for the “SAM API”, which is apparently pretty powerful and can do more than what is featured in the video.

Overall, both are cool little applications, and I can’t wait to see what other types of apps and things come out to help us automate our homes an daily tasks. I think it is going to be A WHILE before Google Glass controlled households become an actual thing, but seeing these types of applications being developed is pretty awesome. I’m hoping that one day I can sit up out of my bed, and command Google Glass to make me some coffee … that would be pretty nice.

What are your thoughts on applications like these? Would you find it handy to be able to open a door for someone without actually having to do it yourself? What types of things in your household would you like to be able to control from your smart glasses? Answer these questions in the comments section down below and get a free virtual cookie!