Ordering Beer with Google Glass

Developers and users are constantly finding new ways to use Google Glass™. So far, we have seen Google Glass being used for fitness, shopping, driving, blogging and many other things. Pretty soon we might even see it being used in bars and restaurants.

A company named “Ustwo” is working on an app for Google Glass that would allow bar (and restaurant) customers to order items without having to visit the busy bar tending area. The idea is that when a customer comes into the bar they can sit down and beacons will triangulate their location. After the customer sits down and is ready to order, the customer can open up an app on their phone, take a picture of themself, choose which drinks or snacks they want, and pay all without having to talk to the bartender. The bartender will then receive the order on Google Glass, be able to see a map of where they are located, and get to see a picture of the person who ordered.

Here is a video of the app:

I like the idea behind the app, and I would definitely use it if it was available. With that said, I can’t see it being used in many bars, at least not in the bars in my area. I can see a lot of high-class bars using it, or maybe fancy hotels or something, but I can’t ever see the average bar using this. It’s a very cool idea and all, but I don’t think a bar is going to buy an expensive device like Google Glass even if it is convenient for their customers. It’s not a huge investment, but I don’t think a bar tender will cough up that amount of money when they know people are still going to buy from them if they don’t have such a system.

Also, when people go to a bar they are usually planning to get their party on, and when you’re getting your party on you tend to get a bit tipsy. I can see the app causing a lot of problems with people ordering the wrong stuff, or just ordering too much.

I can kind of see the app being useful in a restaurant, especially during extremely busy hours. A waitress could seat the party, and then give them the option to order directly from their phone to save some time and to get orders completed faster. Still, I feel part of the restaurant experience is going in, being seated, waiting for the waitress, and all that. The app sort of interferes with that experience, but it does make things more convenient for each party.

The app is currently just a prototype, but it looks it looks pretty functional, at least from what we see. It would have been nice to get a full view of what it looks like on Google Glass, but I guess we’ll just have to wait for that.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this app? Would you ever order drinks at a bar using this, or would you rather just walk up to the bar tender yourself? Please share your thoughts in the comment section down below!

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