PhotoGlassic Memory App Helps You Remember with Pictures

Everybody is always on the move these days. Most of our days are spent working, and in a rush. We do a lot of things during the day, and some of it can be hard to remember. Stopping by a restaurant for lunch can be a delicious experience, but can easily be forgotten about as soon as the next day.

Eventually the meal at the restaurant will be remembered, but not the name of the restaurant or the location. The Photoglassic Memory Glassware’s goal is to help with situations like this.

Photoglassic Memory is an app that lets you take a picture of something and “remember” it with a descriptive phrase.

With the restaurant for example, you can take a picture of it and tag it with a descriptive phrase by saying “Ok Glass, remember delicious lunch”. When you need to remember and see the picture of the restaurant you can just say “Ok Glass, recall delicious lunch”.

Photoglassic Memory also allows you to view the location of where the memory was taken. When viewing a memory, users simply have to tap on the memory to bring up a menu where they can view the location of the memory on a map. So, even if the picture doesn’t do the trick, you still got an idea of where to go.


Really, this app can help with all sorts of things. The app’s site features an example of it being used to remember “where I left my keys”. You could even use this app to remember where you left the tv remote if you wanted to.

The app is in its early stages and the developers are looking for some feedback. So, definitely give this app try if you got some time and to see if you can find any bugs, or can think of some new features. If you’re interested in downloading the app or finding out more about it, then you can head on over to the app’s site

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April 20, 2014