QuickMobile Brings Google Glass to Romania

QuickMobile, an online shop and physical tech store in Romania, is selling Google Glass. The shop is selling the device for 6,999 RON, which is about $1,980.


QuickMobile currently has the device in five different colors. They have the Classic shades, Bold frames, and Curved frames available for purchase as well. Sadly, there appears to be no free frames or shades deal on QuickMobile and the device only comes with a 6 month warranty.

Right now, the store is accepting pre-orders for Google Glass and they are going to start shipping out units to customers in December. So, if you live in Romania and want Google Glass … well you now have a way to get it.

Earlier this year, the same store brand was allowing people to come to their stores to test out Google Glass in person. So, QuickMobile is putting a considerable amount of effort into marketing and selling off the devices.

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Source: Romania Insider