Reliace Hospital Doctors to use Google Glass to Access Patient Records

Doctors at the Sir HN Reliance Foundation Hospital and Research Centre in Mumbai will soon be using Google Glass to access patients’ records.

Research Centre

SAP, an enterprise software provider, has created an application called ‘We Care’. The ‘We Care’ application connects Google Glass with the hospital’s information system and allows doctors to access and store patient records. Doctors can use the application to access old medical records, old x-ray images, or even old radiology reports.

The application created by SAP might eventually be available for any hospital to use, but for right now the Reliance Foundation Hospital is the first and only hospital to implement it. Currently, the hospital is planning on using the application and Google Glass in the emergency ward to provide patients with quicker care. If a trauma doctor can access a patient’s records right when they are brought in, then they might possibly be able to treat them quicker.

The ‘We Care’ app definitely sounds useful. And, SAP designed the application to work with mobiles and tablets to make the application more cost effective for hospitals. So, hopefully we will see more hospitals implementing it in the future.

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Source: The Economic Times