Riz – Let’s Tango Is A Video Filmed Entirely With Google Glass

Because the use of Google Glass was inevitable in many contexts, American artist Riz has released the first video clip filmed with them, named Let’s Tango.

Ritz Google Glass

Google Glasses, in addition to filming at 720p resolution, have an important advantage when it comes to video/photo capture. It must be emphasized that it is a gadget that puts the viewer in the middle of the action at home. The above picture is from the Let’s Tango video clip as just one example of first-person experience that this device helps to relive.

Although there were very compact cameras that could be used for POV – Point of View experience type, nothing compares with glasses of those from Mountain View. For this reason the artist chose to promote its latest album and new single Let’s Tango by an unusual video clip.

Let’s Tango will go down in history as the first music video entirely immortalized by Google Glasses. Although the end result involved a bit of video editing, after watching the video you will understand why it is different from anything you’ve seen before at this time. Because the short film action is very predictable, so you will realize better the changes due to Glass.

This is just another threshold or an area where Google Glass has made ​​its mark. I am very curious to see what happens next.