Round Concept Brings Thermal Imaging to Google Glass

A couple of days ago at CES, Round Concept LLC. revealed an accessory for Google Glass that gives users the ability to see a thermal image feed of everything that they are looking at, right on their Google Glass display.


The accessory is called “Third Eye” and is currently patent pending. The accessory attaches to the right side of Google Glass and streams a thermal image video feed directly to the prism on Google Glass. While the device is being marketed as an accessory for Google Glass the accessory will have all types of mounting solutions so that it can be used with a variety of things.

The Third Eye attachment provides a thermal life video feed into the Goggle Glass’ viewfinder hence rendering it a thermal vision system. Result is adding a whole new dimension to the functionality and applications of the Glass. Variables of applications are incredibly wide thanks to the Glass’ features and the compact and affordable solution developed by the Round Concept. Adding the “thermal” to the Glass significantly increases the combined value of the system making it the most affordable head-mounted thermal system in the world. All together, the system is a breakthrough for the professional and amateur uses alike.

While the accessory was shown off at CES there is currently no information about how much the accessory is going to cost or when it will be available. With that being said, I don’t see them waiting a long time to announce that information.

Overall, “Third Eye” doesn’t seem like something that the ordinary Explorer is going to find useful. I imagine most will find it fun to play with, but most will not find it extremely useful in their lives. Still, I can definitely see this accessory being useful for hunters, firefighters, cops and maybe even doctors.

Also, on a random note, it’s going to be interesting to see if people get confused between “Third Eye” the accessory and “Third Eye” the app.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this accessory? Will you get one when it becomes available?

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