Rumor: Google Working on Google Glass 2

Not even a week after Google Glass has hit open beta, rumors about Google working on a new version of Google Glass have already arisen. According to a report from Loayaoba (a Korean news site) Kong Wenjun of the display manufacturer called Crystal Op is claiming that Google is in early stages of building a new version of Google Glass.

Crystal Op is the company that currently (I say currently, because who knows what’ll happen after this leak) makes the pieces of glass used in the current generation of Google Glass. According to Kong Wenjun, Crystal Op has, through several middlemen, sent samples of their technology to Google’s research and Development for Google Glass. While this might suggest that Google is messing around with a new version of Google Glass, it could just be them doing a bit more research on how to make the current version of their product better.

Really, that’s probably what they are doing … research. I can’t see Google making Google Glass open beta just so they can disappoint everyone by releasing a new version of Google Glass not too long afterwards … that just doesn’t make much sense. They could have just asked for samples to see how they can improve the current version of Google Glass. I don’t see them releasing “Google Glass 2” anytime soon … at all.

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