The State University of New York Using Google Glass to Teach Students

The State University of New York at Cobleskill has started a program that involves using wearables and other video devices to help teach students. The program is code named “WAVE-ExSEL”.

Google Glass

In the program, instructors are using Google Glass and other devices that are able to record point-of-view video to help teach students participating in paramedic training and animal hoof health programs. The program also involves some students from business, IT and graphic Arts programs.

Google Glass is being used in the program to show students the point-of-view of instructors and to evaluate students. Thanks to the point-of-view footage that Google Glass is able to record, students are able to watch procedures without crowding around a table. Also, since students participating in the program are also equipped with Google Glass, instructors are able to evaluate students via the footage that they record.

As of right now, the university is working with about 30 to 40 pairs of Google Glass. Google was kind enough to donate 15 to 20 devices to the university and the university bought 15 to 20 devices on their own as well.

Jim Dutcher, Cobleskill’s chief information officer, thinks the program will show that wearable technology can boost student performance due to the fact that students are able to see footage from each other. Once this initial program is complete, Jim Dutcher also expects that other instructors at the university will find ways to implement the technology into their own courses and programs.

What are your thoughts on this program? Do you think it will boost student performance? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!

via: Education Dive