Students Go on a Virtual Field Trip to Hawaii Island

Virtual Field Trip

Virtual field trips were one of the main things put on Explorers and teachers Google Glass class usage lists when the device first came out. It wasn’t too long ago that we saw hospitalized children take a virtual trip to the zoo thanks to Google Glass. Now, we actually get to see students take a virtual field trip to a Hawaii island.

Google Glass helped take students from three different schools on a virtual field trip to Hawaii. Two schools were in Oahu and one school was in Mexico.

The field trip was led by Keeau Elementary school, and they provided a virtual view to other children from Ke Kula Kaiapuni o Nanakuli, Hale Kula Elementary, University Laboratory School and Peterson Schools in Mexico City.

The students from Keaau Elementary School were able to give off-location students a view of what they were seeing by using Google Glass along with Webcams. The students hiked through Volcanoes National Park, looked at steam vents and lava rocks.

“I think this is the first of these virtual discussions where classrooms…educators are communicating. Students will be able learn not just with each other, but next to each other,” Sen. Jill Tokuda said.

The students were able to participate with each other and ask each other questions. Off-location students even got to participate in a chant with the students who were on-location, once they reached the summit of Kilauea Crater.

It’s cool to hear that Google Glass is finally being used to teach the younger generation. Most of the time that you hear about Google Glass in a school, it’s usually a random college. Hopefully, we’ll keep seeing more of this type of news because it’s pretty cool to see.