Tesco Grocery Shopping with Google Glass

Grocery Shopping and Google Glass has become a pretty popular topic. Some people use Google Glass to create grocery lists, and some people use it for other grocery shopping related purposes like checking for better deals. With that being said, Tesco envisions Google Glass being used for more than just creating grocery lists and checking prices.


Tesco, a British multinational grocery, uploaded a video a few weeks ago that shows an interesting way to shop for groceries with Google Glass. In the video, a lady opens up an application by saying the command “Okay Glass, let’s go shopping”. Once the application was launched, she scanned the bar code on an empty jug of milk. Once the bar code was scanned, she was displayed a card that shows the item she scanned (milk). From there she could not only check the nutritional information of the milk, but also add it to her virtual basket. The video doesn’t show the actual checkout process, but after she added the milk to her basket, sometime later, a Tesco delivery truck delivered her milk.

It’s a pretty cool usage of Google Glass and, from what I’ve read, it’s an app that Tesco is actually working on completing. What is seen in the video was just a concept.

Tesco CIO Mike McNamara admits that he doesn’t think customers will use wearables to do all their grocery shopping. But, he does think it will be a huge hit for ordering small things like a gallon of milk.

There is a bunch of grocery delivery services out there at this point and I imagine as the smart glasses market grows, we’ll see a ton of apps like Tesco’s come out. Amazon Fresh, Google Shopping Express, I imagine all services like these will get a Google Glass app at some point.

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