The Fancy App Allows Shopping What You See In Real World

It seems gradually the Google Glass is able to merge the physical world with that of digital. A New York-based e-commerce startup The Fancy has come up with an app for the new wearable technology that allows snapping a picture of objects and finding matching or complementary items online to purchase.

The Fancy App Allows Shopping What You See In Real World

The Fancy is known for its ties to luxury goods and high fashion. It will search the object with similar styles and color.

As of now the terms of service for the API of Google Glass prohibit developers from charging for apps or showing commercials, but by luck for The Fancy it does not restricts from in-app purchases. Hence, with this loophole the app maker becomes the first company to actually make some dollars on the platform. With The Fancy app users can buy everything from jewelry to cloths, kids toys to kitchenware.

CEO and founder of the app said, “The spontaneity of being able to discover and buy things you’ll love based on what’s right in front of your eyes is pretty compelling… We see a mix of people using the app: from the high-tech interior designer looking to decorate a space to the stylist that wants to match accessories with a fashionista’s outfit.”

The front page of The Fancy features high-end fashion items which are usually retailed for thousands of dollars.

Recently Google announced of increasing the production of its Glass units. This is a good news for The Fancy as well as other app developers who want to explore the platform before it is released for all next year.