The Next Google Glass Device Might Be A Monocle


google glass

Google Glass was a real success, but the big search engine company wants to make this wearable gadget a best seller. According to a patent, the future gadget will probably be a monocle.

We remind you that the Google Glass was unveiled back in 2012 and it was released for the developers in 2013, at a price of 1500 dollars. One year later, in 2014, the device was made available for public at the same price.

The new device will probably offer the same functionality as the Google Glass. However, the new Google Glass will attach to one side of the user’s head and it will display videos and images above a single eye. This way, the device will also please the people who have reported that the product is quite distracting or “creepy”.

However, even if the patent of this device was granted, that doesn’t guarantee that the big search engine company will develop the monocle. We remind you that many patented ideas have never been materialized and there are high chances to happen with this new device.

At the same time, we all know that Google is very interested in creating wearable devices that will convince people to use the company’s services more regularly. For example, Google has been experimenting with a microphone enabled lapel pin that works exactly like the communicator badge in Star Trek. With other words, the Star Trek fans would surely want this kind of device and many others that seem to come from the future.

Hopefully, Google will come with some news regarding this device in 2016. We’re sure that if they will release a monocle device that will feature the same functionality as the Google Glass, it will make many people interested in purchasing it.

Will you purchase a monocle device that has the same features as the Google Glass?

Sources: Cnet and Time.