“Third Eye” A Google Glass App for the Visually Impaired

Last month, at the University of Pennsylvania, a hackathon called PennApps X was held. The hackathon consisted of 1,119 students from schools such UC Berkeley, MIT and Stanford. At the event there were also students from countries such as Israel, Saudi Arabia and Switzerland. The PennApps X hackathon has long been over and the winners have done been rewarded, but I recently learned about something interesting that happened at the hackathon.

At the hackathon, there was an interesting Google Glass app that was developed. The application did not win the hackathon, but it did earn a top 10 placement. So, what is the application?


Well, the Google Glass application that was created at the hackathon is called Third Eye. The application was created by three freshman in under 36 hours. What exactly does the application do?

The application identifies objects and things that are in front of you and says what they are. Users simply have to say the command “Okay Glass, recognize this” to start the app. Once the command “Okay Glass, recognize this” is said, the app will snap a picture of whatever is in front of you, identify whatever is in front of you, and then tell you what is in front of you.

Rajat Bhageria, Joe Cappadona, and Ben Sandler, the three students who created the app, put together a pretty good video demonstrating their app.

Check it out:

The Third Eye app is pretty cool. What is really awesome is that everyone has the ability to download it, modify it, and add to it. Why do I say this? Well, because the three students who created the application open-sourced its code and uploaded it online. The application was created in under 36 hours, so obviously it’s going to have some bugs and quirks, but anyone is able to download it, iron out the bugs, add to it, and share their version.

If you would like to learn more about Third Eye or would like to download Third Eye, then click right here.

I really enjoy apps like Third Eye, because they prove that Google Glass is useful for people in all walks of life. Visually impaired people can benefit from Google Glass, people who have hearing problems can benefit from Google Glass, and the average person can benefit from Google Glass as well. While many claim that Google Glass is just a glorified face camera, people are modifying and creating things for the device that will enhance the lives of many people and that’s a fact.

I really can’t wait for more things like this to come out in the future. Applications like Third Eye and Captions for Google Glass are just scratching the surface when it comes to ways that Google Glass can be utilized to help people with different impairments.

What are your thoughts on Third Eye? Are you going to give it a download? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!