Thuuz Sports Startup launches App For Google Glass

Thuuz Sports has adapted the Google Glass too. It has launched its “Glassware” recently for fans who wants to keep close tabs on their favorite teams while wearing the tiny eyewear computing gadget. The app allows users in setting up their favorite teams, get alerts, subscribe to professional sports journalists.

Thuuz Sports Startup launches App For Google Glass

The startup will now also help Google Glass users stay tuned with their favorite events. The new app uses data from Twitter and other sources and then passes the information in the form of alerts to other related users.

Thuuz CEO and founder Warren Packard said, “Google Glass is yet another platform for us to become available on… It’s more of a showing that we’re committed to getting Thuuz out on devices across the ecosystem.”

So far it is not known how Google Glass will be used. Remember, Google Glass is for the information to be appeared only when users need it. In this regard the Thuuz is making some progress with pay-TV operators.

It is reported the pay-TV operators are interested in their app as they want to give its subscribers new ways to discover the content.

Currently the automated system of Thuuz covers twenty leagues and federations in hockey, football, soccer, baseball, rugby, basketball, tennis and cricket. The company is also launching soon golf and motor sports coverage.

The new app of Thuuz for Google Glass will currently be available for free.