Tom Wolfe: The First Hotel Concierge Using Google Glass


Google Glass is a very controversial device, but one that is slowly reaching the faces of most professions. We’ve seen firefighters, police, doctors, and all kinds of other professionals messing with it. While the device is portrayed as something bad for society, a lot of people enjoy it and a lot of people support it.

People enjoy Google Glass, because it allows them to do more when they’ve already got their hands full, and because it replaces some more traditional ways of doing things (Ex: taking notes with a pen and paper.) Tom Wolfe is one of the people who is using Google Glass to help him with his work.

Tom Wolfe is the chief concierge at the Fairmont Hotel on Nob Hill in San Francisco. Wolfe uses the device every day for his job. He uses it for an assortment of things, most of which is usually done by keyboard or pen.

Wolfe said this in a press release:

“I have already been using it to store telephone numbers, make calls, check the weather forecast, verify directional information, and yes even to take a picture.”

Here is a video of Tom Wolfe talking about Google Glass:

Tom isn’t using the device in a mind-blowing revolutionary way, but it’s not every day you see a concierge wearing Google Glass. I imagine that we will see more and more concierge wearing Google Glass in high-end hotels. It’s great publicity, and it seems like a great way to increase productivity. Also, we have to admit that Tom Wolfe looks pretty dashing wearing Google Glass.

Do you guys have any thoughts to share on this? Would you rather go to a hotel without Google Glass or a hotel with concierge that looks like cyborgs (we mean that in a good way)? Let us know your thoughts and answers in the comments section down below!