Top 3 Google Glass Rivals

Wearable computers are the next technology; at least it is very apparent in recent future when smartwatches and smart glass are gaining momentum in big companies manifesto. Google Glass has already created a stir though its beta version is only available to a few. Google Glass is now available to developers and ‘Explorers’ but soon the company will launch the revolutionary product in the market.

This wearable computer is the first one but there are already been lined up other stuff from companies like Samsung, Apple and Sony.

Samsung’s Specs

If Google comes up with something it is very implied that Korean Samsung will definitely come up similar with it. Samsung has the history to copy the latest technology whether it is iPad or Glass. The clever move the company always does is to pick the technology and add lots of additional features to it.

Samsung is preparing to make the Specs compete against its own brand Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Now this is a smart move!

Apple iGlass

apple iglass

Cupertino big name is preparing to create a head mounted display device, similar to Google Glass, even using the same technology and techniques to projecting images in a head-mounted display. Apple’s much awaited iWatch is gaining a strong momentum in the market, so it is evident that the company is also gradually opening its card in wearable technology.

Sony’s Smartglass


Sony’s has already its wearable technology of 3D glasses of its high range television sets and three generations of SmartWatch. Although there is no official announcement from the company about its smart Glass but there are lots of research and development in this field. So, it is definite that the company will soon come up with a new product, perhaps just waiting and watching for Google Glass performance in the market.