Top 5 Face-Saving Google Glass Alternatives

Google Glass is just couple of months away from us when it will be launched commercially for everyone. Before that let us have a quick look to other alternatives to the tiny eyewear computing gadget. Here is a list of top 5 face-saving alternatives to Google Glass.

Recon Jet


Priced just $599, the Recon Jet eyewear gadget is considered as the most versatile competitor of Google Glass. It helps in offering quite a bit of information in front of your eyeballs. Users can check weather from it, visit social media, make calls, read SMS, browse Web and more. The gadget is also equipped with GPS and onboard sensors to measure distance, speed and elevation. It is targeting the athletic set with these features.

Epiphany Eyewear


The Epiphany Eyewear is priced between $299 and $499 only and it comes with much simpler frames than either like Recon Jet or like the Google Glass. It does the video recording to the best. Available in 8GB, 16GB and 32GB models, the Epiphany Eyewear start recording by just pressing the tactile on the right-side of the frames.



The GlassUp eyewear computing gadget comes with a price tag between $299 and $399. The device looks incredibly dorky. It has bit of finessing and users can read texts and emails, tweets, Facebook updates and other social media cues. It is considered as one of the best Google Glass alternatives so far.

Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses


The manufacturer of Vuzix M100 Smart Glasses describe it as a smartphone on your head. The screen overlays a mobile phone-sized virtual display in one’s field of vision. Users, in hands-free manner, can interact with the interface. The gadget runs on Android OS and hence there are apps already available for it for text, audio, video, email and directions.

Telepathy One


So far not much information has come about the Telepathy One eyewear computing gadget. It is equipped with a micro camera, a micro-projection unit and also a wireless communication module.