Top 5 Google Glass Glassware (Apps) of August 2014

Well, August just ended which means it’s time to gather up the top apps for Google Glass that were published last month. Unfortunately, there weren’t as many apps published in August as there were July. So, the selection of new apps is kind of small. Still, the show must go on and a top apps list must be published. So, let’s get to it!

5) Chess for Google Glass

I don’t play chess often, but it is something I play when I’m bored. Chess for Google Glass is a gaming app for Google Glass that was created by Google [X] employee Aart Bik. The game takes advantage of voice commands and the touchpad on Google Glass to make moves. The game offers some customization where you can choose the board color and replace the chess engine if you want to.

Chess for Google Glass is a pretty good app, but it is a bit buggy. It often misinterprets spoken moves. But, that’s about it when it comes to bugs. Overall, it’s a decent app to have if you like playing chess.

Official App Description:

Chess for Glass™ runs directly on your Glass device. You can enter moves by simply saying the moves, or by using the touchpad. Other features include a choice in board color, spoken move announcements, and the ability to import any third party chess engine to replace the friendly built-in engine.

4) Sky Shooting

This is another one of the latest gaming apps for Google Glass to come out. Like most games for Google Glass, it’s pretty simple. Sky Shooting is basically your average arcade skeet shooting game where the goal is to earn points each round by shooting down targets.

The game’s controls are pretty simple. You tap to release a target, move your head to aim, and tap Google Glass again to shoot. There’s a total of ten rounds and at the end of all the rounds you get your score, which is based on accuracy among other things.

It’s a fun game overall, and definitely worth downloading if you find yourself being bored a lot.

Official App Description:

Want some fun in your Glass™ wherever you are? Discover the new addictive shooting game where each session will call for another. Practice your skeet shooting on the city’s roofs in magnificent urban landscapes with just your head and your finger. Arcade skeet shooting has never been so simple. Pull the targets with your finger one after the other, move your head to aim at the targets and shoot them with your finger. Achieve the best possible score in just 10 shots. How will you score among your circles? Glass Features: – Move your head to aim accurately – Pull the targets and shoot them with the touchpad – A pleasure for the eye with its beautiful 2D urban landscapes – Perfect for quick and exciting sessions, you won’t be able to stop!

3) Pandora 

I’m pretty sure a majority of people on the internet know what Pandora is. Still, if you don’t know, it’s an online personal radio service that plays music based on your interests.

Pandora recently released a Google Glass app for their service, which means you can now take advantage of their service on Google Glass. Using Voice commands, you can listen to your existing Pandora stations and create new ones. You can also use the touchpad to vote on tracks, and to use the app’s menus. Really though, the best thing about the application is that it is completely ad-free. On other devices Pandora occasionally plays ads.

The Pandora app for Google Glass is definitely an application worth having if you enjoy music. Be careful though, this application can consume a good amount of battery life pretty easily.

Official App Description:

Great music discovery is effortless and free with Pandora® Internet Radio. Just start with the name of one of your favorite artists, songs, composers or existing stations and we will do the rest. It’s easy to create and listen to personalized stations that play the music you’ll love.

2) Battery Checker

Checking out how much battery life you have left on Google Glass isn’t too complicated, but the process can be way easier. I mean, having to swipe all the way to the settings bundle just to see how much battery life Google Glass has left is kind of a pain. Luckily, Battery Checker can make the battery life checking process a bit easier.

Battery Checker is a glassware that does one thing. It simplifies the battery life checking process by giving you a voice command that takes you directly to the battery card within the settings bundle. With the Battery Checker glassware, you just have to say “ok glass, check the battery”! and you will be taken to that oh so sweet battery card. Pretty awesome and very handy!

Official App Description:

A simple Glassware that shows the current battery level of Glass. Just say “ok glass, check the battery”!

1) Trackendo


The #1 app to get approved last month is Trackendo in my opinion. Trackendo is a cool little tracking glassware for Google Glass. Yes, Google Glass already has something that allows you to track your Google Glass device, but it’s very simple when compared to Trackendo.

Google’s Google Glass tracker only keeps track of one location. Plus, it only shows you a pin on a plain map and simply gives you a link to view the location on Google Maps. Trackendo is a bit more robust than that.

Trackendo is able to keep track of multiple locations. Not only that, but those locations are pinned on a satellite image instead of a plain map. Trackendo also provides some useful information like street addresses, latitude and longitude coordinates and timestamps for the last time your device was logged in an area.

Overall, I’d have to say that Trackendo is a must have app for Google Glass. While most of you will never need to use Trackendo, some of you out there will lose your Google Glass and this application might be the only thing that can help you recover it. Just remember, it’s better to be safe than sorry. So, definitely install this app.

Official App Description:

Don’t be afraid of losing your Google Glass™ anymore. With Trackendo you’ll be able to know the last locations your Glass was and when it was there, so that you can easily keep track of it.


So, those are what I consider to be the top Google Glass apps of August. All of the apps above are pretty cool and you should check them out if they interest you. You should definitely give Trackendo an install. But yeah. Hope you enjoyed this article and if you did, then feel free to share it with some friends.