Top 5 Google Glass Glassware (Apps) of October 2014

At the end of every month, I like to create a list of the top five apps that were released that month. October just ended so obviously this list is going to be focusing on the best apps that were released in October. There weren’t a ton of apps released last month, but there were enough apps released to create a list. Anyway, below you will find a list of five apps that are worth checking out.

5) CitySpot

CitySpot is an application that can help Google Glass users find open parking spots around them. The application uses GPS to find a user’s location and then recommends nearby parking spaces to them. Besides displaying nearby parking spots, the application also displays the distance from the parking spot as well as the cost of parking there.


CitySpot is a very interesting application and one that solves a common problem. With that being said, I can’t put it anywhere near the top of the list because it is limited to three cities. Since it’s limited to three cities, a ton of Explorers can’t use it, which sucks. Still, if you live in San Francisco, Toronto, or Ottawa then it’s an application you might want to check out.

4) Let’s Drink

Let’s Drink is a cocktail application for Google Glass. The application lets users look up the ingredients for different cocktails and gives them instructions on how to make the cocktails.


I decided to put this application on the list, because it’s a helpful app for the people who like to experiment with different drinks. With that being said, the reason this application isn’t higher on the list is because I don’t see people using it too often. It’s one of those apps that I can see people breaking out occasionally, but generally people are going to stick to their usual beverage when drinking instead of looking up a mixed drink.

3) Bee Invasion

Bee Invasion is a little arcade shooter game for Google Glass. The game involves different types of bees flying across the screen, and your job is to destroy them before they build a hive over the screen. The more bees that you shoot the higher your score will bee. It’s a simple game, but a fun one.


I put this game on the list, because I know people will have fun with it. At the same time, while Google Glass games are fun they tend to destroy the battery life of Google Glass. And, any basic arcade shooter tends to get old pretty quick. Because of those things, I can’t put this game too high on the list. Bee Invasion is definitely a fun game though.

2) ‘Tumblr to Twitter‘ and ‘Mentions to Google Glass‘ IFTTT Recipes.

IFTTT is a service that has been available on Google Glass for a while now. Usually, I wouldn’t bring up old services and apps in these lists, but this month I’m going to because of the recent news related to the Twitter app.


Late last month, a Google Glass Explorer discovered that Twitter is no longer supporting their Google Glass app and that it has been removed from the Glassware directory. People who have the application installed can still use it, but the application is no longer on the Glassware directory and the application cannot be reinstalled once uninstalled.

Since the Twitter application is no longer available a couple of people have created some IFTTT recipes to make the loss of the app more bearable. The ‘Tumblr to Twitter’ recipe makes posting images to twitter from Google Glass a bit easier by using Tumblr to repost to twitter. The ‘Mentions to Google Glass’ IFTTT recipe sends you an alert on Google Glass every time your twitter name is mentioned.

Honestly, these two IFTTT recipes in combination with wear notifications will not completely replace the experience that the Twitter app provided, but they are useful.

1) Captioning on Google Glass™

Captioning on Google Glass™ is a real-time closed captioning app for Google Glass. The app is designed to help the deaf and hard of hearing to converse with others. With the application, one user talks into a smart phone that is connected to Google Glass and another person wears Google Glass. After the speaking user has finished talking into the smart phone the app captions whatever was said and displays the said words on Google Glass.


This application isn’t useful for everyone, but I thought it deserved to be at the top of the list. While not everyone will use or need this application, it’s a great example of how Google Glass can be used to enhance peoples’ lives. And, it demonstrates that Google Glass is more than just a camera and social media device.

So, that’s the end of this top apps list. Definitely check out the apps and services that I have listed above because they are pretty awesome and deserve an install. Anyway, I hope you enjoyed this post and feel free to share your own top five apps list in the comments section down below!

Disclosure: Glass Apps Source (GAS) and the creators of Bee Invasion have a friendly business relationship. Before the release of Bee Invasion, GAS helped the creators promote their game. With that being said, business relationships have no impact on these apps lists.