Top 5 Obstacles For Google Glass, Other Wearables

Amid all the goodies of Google Glass and other wearables there are few drawbacks too. There are few obstacles and challenges too for the manufacturers of such technology. In this article we will discuss top 5 obstacles for Google Glass and other wearables.

Top 5 Obstacles For Google Glass, Other Wearables


Google Glass so far is a very costly wearable device. The price tag of $1,500 for its explorer version is expensive, though it is rumored the commercial version will cost less. However, the components used are cost-driving and hence the final cost of the manufacturing of wearable technology will remain higher than smartphones.


It is absurd to take off the gadget mid-day and plug it for charging. Even though wireless charging technology is available, but power solutions will remain critical to make the gadget feel like a natural, consistent part of our lives.


It is still not clearly known which tasks will be best suited for the wearable technology compared to smartphones and tablets. Many feels checking emails or even answering the calls on wearable technology screen are not appealing. It has to solve those problems and perform such tasks which are not easy on other devices.


It is appealing that individual can message to friends, take pictures and send emails by just voice commands, but will it be comfort enough when you are stressed.


Critics say people will welcome wearable technology only if it is consumed similar to clothing in our day-to-day life. It is a great challenge for designers and developers to bring together performance and design.