Top 5 Places Google Glass Is Banned

Ahead of the commercial launching of Google Glass, several institutes and outlets have started banning the tiny wearable in their campus such as banks, hospitals and casinos. Below are just few places where the gadget has been banned so far, but more and more places are joining them.

Top 5 Places Google Glass Is Banned

Bars, Casinos, Strip Clubs

Several bars including 5 Point Cafe in Seattle have banned wearing of Google Glass. Though the move has sparked controversy, but it is to protect customers from “glassholes.” Similarly few casinos in Atlantic City and Las Vegas too have banned the tiny eyewear gadget. Also, strip clubs like Sapphire Gentlemen’s Club in Las Vegas have banned the wearable.


Elementary classrooms and college lecture halls have banned the Google glass. Well, it is argued the gadget may help students take notes easily of the lecture and record it for assistance.


Patients’ privacy is worried and hence hospitals are one of the early places to ban Google Glass inside their campus.

Movie Theaters

It is a known fact that film privacy is a major concern and hence movie theaters have gradually started banning Google Glass. Strictly it is said a movie should not be recorded inside a theater.


It is obvious. One should not wear or use such gadgets. In many banks and ATMs Google Glass has already been banned. This move is to save other customers of personal information theft like bank account info or ID.

Apart from these places, the Google Glass has also been banned in other places like locker rooms, dressing rooms, sports arenas, concert venues and more.