Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Google Glass

Want to know why I love wearing Google Glass? Below are top 5 reasons how the tiny wearable won me:

Wearing Future Technology

Top 5 Reasons Why I Love Wearing Google Glass

When I first got the tiny eyewear computing gadget I was grateful to wear the future technology. I happily started venturing into it. I started reading and browsing weather, my own photos and then my tweet stream. Later I picked up a video call with the device and showed a client my bathroom and my closet. These things made me feel extremely good.

Instantly Read All Published Stuff

I read all the published stuff by Google related to privacy and what information the search giant is collecting from my experience with Google Glass. In last couple of months I have been tuned with the information collected by Google, but at least it was trading me back with something better like good scheduling, auto-enhancement of my photos, late flight information and many more. Also, it became a fashion to impress strangers lately. And well, if you learned about NSA these days then Google’s part is a non-issue at all.

Strangers Responded To Google Glass Warmly

I instantly became a diva everywhere, even at the Apple store. People also started me calling I am the future.

Software Is Getting Better Day-By-Day

Earlier I found there were some shortcomings like even while reading an article from The New York Times through a given link on Twitter. Also, as of now there are difficulties in remembering how to send a tweet like if I tap on a message then it offers me sending it to my contacts. Also, I found difficulties in locating the old messages. As of now I get in order how notification comes like email, breaking news, Social network news feeds etc.

Google Updates Software Of Google Glass Frequently

Last but not the least, every monthly Google has been updating the software of Google Glass. Now the battery life is better and the speech-to-text has also improved.