Top 5 Things Business Houses To Know About Google Glass

We have discussed top 5 apps, top 5 features, top 5 tips about Google Glass. Today we will discuss what are the top 5 things business houses need to know about the tiny wearable computing gadget.

Top 5 Things Business Houses To Know About Google Glass

Useful For Mobile Workers

Google Glass will be highly helpful in business such as oil and gas, manufacturing and healthcare industry in which field service workers or technicians could use the gadget to diagnose problem by sending its snaps to expert at their headquarters. The expert can also watch live video of the problems and fix it.

New Tool For Geofencing

It is not ready now, but in future you can see coupons of a product right in front of your eyes as you walk into a store. The Crystal Shopper app of the tiny eyewear gadget currently just scans bar codes to look up reviews and prices.

Privacy Concerns

With Google Glass privacy will be main concern. Users can easily take photos or record videos and use it in illegal ways. Experts say the data captured by the wearable gadget need to be more secured and offer better encryption. After companies start allowing the Glass into their corporate environment, they need better policy to handle the requests.

Too Expensive Now

Currently the Google Glass Explorer version is being sold at $1,500, which is at least three times of an average smartphone. Well, it is believed the gadget will not be so expensive after it is commercially launched next year.

Less Apps

The gadget still is suffering from volume of apps compared to smartphones. There are very few apps now and those are just basic like the search app, messaging app and video app. Also, Google Glass has no dedicated app store as of now.