Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part II)

Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part I)

2. Vignettes

A vignette is an excellent feature of the camera app on Glass. First you need to on the screen of Glass, next click a photograph by pressing the button on the top right corner of the glass. You will observe screen transforms into a camera and hear the shutter sound. The next step is to tap on the touchpad and see the menu. The first option is Vignette. Just select it and take a screenshot of your snap.

Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part II)

3. Google Apps

Google apps are known as Glassware and segregated into two different types: Web apps or native apps. Native apps are required to load using the command line. When you are about to use Glassware first you need to activate it using MyGlass web site. There is a long list of apps, some are approved by Google, and some are third party apps.

4. Sending email through Gmail

You might find problems sending email through Gmail. The emails marked as important will send directly to your Glass, so if you are troubling find Gmail messages, and make sure you marked it as important.

5. Twitter

Google+ integration has helped to activate your Twitter and Facebook account. You can activate or deactivate your social media channels through MyGlass app or site. If you don’t want random tweets from people you follow just turn off your mobile alert.

Guess you can now easily start with the Google Glass when you become part of the Explorer expansion program. Do share your views on it with fellow readers in below given comment box.