Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part I)

If you are a Google Glass Explorer, you have the option to invite your three friends to experience this new wearable technology. It is indeed a thrilling opportunity for those who are eager to wait for this device. In a recent development Google is shipping Glass directly to the selected Explorers with a complete tutorial through Google + Hangout how to use the Glass.

Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part I)

Of course, you can’t understand Glass in just 45 minutes Hangout, so here are five most important questions that would pop in your mind after using Google Glass.

1. Is it Android or iOS

Many people think Google Glass will only operate in Google Android, but the answer is Android device is not mandatory for Glass. Apple fans can also take advantage of most of the features of Glass, though there are certain catch for iPhone users. For example, iPhone users can’t take the advantage of SMS messaging, turn-by-turn navigation and a few other features.

If the Glass is connected to Wi-Fi or iPhone with a tethering plan, iPhone users can take advantage any app. So, you can send message but it will go through an email rather than direct SMS. For Android users, they also need to install the MyGlass companion app to access all features. Obviously Google has created more advantages for Android users and the biggest one is they no longer require tethering plan to use Glass when Wi-Fi is not available.

Top 5 Tips For Google Glass Newbie (Part II)