Top 7 Things To Do With Google Glass

There are plenty of cool things than can be done with Google Glass. Top 7 such cool things are mentioned below:


The tiny wearable technology shows what options are available for users. It ranges from taking a photo to recording a video and sharing with others among many more features.

Top 7 Things To Do With Google Glass


The Google Glass can also pop up a reminder on its display screen for upcoming appointment or meeting scheduled earlier.


Similar to the Android smartphone app the Google Glass will also be able to show the current weather condition and forecast of next few days on the tiny screen.

Dictate Texts

With just couple of voice commands you can dictate texts or short messages to others. The built-in microphone and cloud-based speech recognition makes it easy.

Travel Alerts

This would be a handy feature. Think if you are at a tourist place the tiny gadget starts giving you travel alerts about famous places to see there. Also, it may also soon start informing you about public transportation links.


With the help of Google Maps in the gadget you can now find your destination easily. Just command it giving your destination and it will guide you how to reach. Simple.

Photos & Videos

Taking photos and recording videos have become easier. You can never miss any important moment. Just command the Glass to take picture or record video, it will do the task immediately.

There are lots more to do. Do share your own views on it with fellow readers in the below given comment box.