Top Music Apps for Google Glass

Looking to kick back, relax, play with some new apps and listen to music on Google Glass? Well, you came to the right blog. In this post, I’m going to go over some of the top music apps for Google Glass. These apps should definitely entertain you. Enjoy!

Google Play Music

Google Play

Google Play Music is a very popular music service by Google. Using the service, you can buy tunes and store your own library of music online. The cool thing is that there is a free Google Play Music app for Google Glass that allows you to access your online music library and listen to the radio on Google Glass.

The app is very simple to use. You just have to say “OK, Glass listen to” followed by the name of the song, album, or artist you want to listen to. Tapping once will take you to a menu where you can pause, go the next track, hop over to the radio, change the volume, among other things.

Overall, the Google Play Music app is probably the best music app out there for Google Glass. If you’re interested in getting the Google Play Music app, you can download it here.



SoundTracker is a service that allows you to create personalized radio stations out of 32 million free songs. SoundTracker is not only a music service, but it is also a social network of sorts. You can add friends to your profile,  you can create personalized radio stations, and you can share radio stations with your friends. Besides that, you can also access your friends’ radio stations, comment on their radio stations, and chat with them. It’s a very interesting and social music platform.

SoundTracker has a Google Glass app, but it’s not in the official Google Glass directory. This means that the application needs to be sideloaded onto Google Glass. With that being said, it’s an app worth installing if you don’t mind tinkering with the ADB. You can download it here.



If you are one of those people who constantly struggles to remember song names, then you need to get this application. Shazam has been available on smart phones for quite awhile, and it is also available on Google Glass. Shazam is a service that helps you identify songs by listening to the audio playing around you and by creating digital fingerprints.

With Google Glass and the Shazam app, you can identify a song playing near you almost instantly by saying “ok glass, recognize this”. Once you say the command “ok glass, recognize this”, a card will be displayed with the track name and the artist information of the song playing nearby.

Overall, Shazam is a very handy music app to have. If you’re interested in getting the Shazam app, you can download it here.



You’ve probably heard of Pandora. It’s a very popular personal internet radio service that has been on computers and mobile devices for a while. A Pandora app recently became available for Google Glass.

The Pandora app for Google Glass allows you to completely take advantage of the Pandora radio service on Google Glass. Users can use voice commands to listen to existing Pandora stations and to create new ones. Not only that, but users can also browse the app and vote on tracks using the touchpad. The best thing about the app is that the Google Glass version of Pandora is completely ad-free.

Pandora is a great way to find new music and to listen to your favorite artists. Definitely a must-have music app for Google Glass.



If you’re the type of person who likes to memorize song lyrics or the type of person who likes to sing along to songs, then you need to get this application. musiXmatch lets users easily search for song lyrics in any language. Not only that, but it can detect the music playing around you and provide lyrics for what is playing.

musiXmatch isn’t an app for everyone. But, if you like covering songs, like knowing all the lyrics in songs, or just like singing along to songs, then this is an application that you should definitely have.

So, those are what I would consider to be the top music applications for Google Glass. Some of the apps above let you listen to music, and others help you discover music. Overall, the apps above are pretty good and are worth checking out.

What are your favorite music apps for Google Glass? Share them with us in the comments section down below!