Turkish Bank Gets App in Official Glassware Directory

Who would have guessed that the first bank to get an app in the official glassware directory would be a bank located in Turkey.


Garanti Bank, a very large and popular bank in Turkey, now has an app in the official Google Glass glassware directory. This ordinarily wouldn’t be that great of a news story, but the fact that the bank is located in Turkey makes it an interesting one. Why is it interesting? Well…

Google Glass is not officially available in Turkey, and the only way for someone in Turkey to get a pair of Google Glass is through the Google Glass “black market” or by going to the United States or UK to get a pair. The fact that a bank in an unsupported country got an app approved is a bit strange, and intriguing. I’m not saying that the bank doesn’t deserve to be in the official glassware directory, it just kind of caught me and a lot of other people off guard to see something like this happen. It’s actually quite cool of the Google Glass team to approve this app.

There aren’t any stats on how many people in Turkey have Google Glass, but if a bank is making an app for Google Glass, then there has to be some demand. It may be a small demand, but some demand is there. So, what exactly is the app called and what does it do?

Well, the app is called iGaranti and it basically does all the stuff that a normal mobile bank app would do. People can use it to check their credit limit, account balance and they can also use it to check for shopping offers and coupons. Basic bank stuff.

While it’s definitely cool for a banking app to come to Google Glass, it’s a bit disappointing that it’s an app for a bank in Turkey and not in the United States. UK and US banks have so much cash that it’s kind of weird that they haven’t made a Google Glass app yet. Even if only a small portion of the population would use it, if a US bank created an app for Google Glass it would be great publicity for them, so I don’t understand why popular US bank chains haven’t made a Google Glass app yet.

Anyway, iGaranti deserves a round of applause for being the first bank app to come to Google Glass. To be honest, I’m a bit jealous that Turkey now has a bank app, haha. Hopefully, US banks will get their stuff together and start developing a Google Glass app.

Would you like your bank to make an app for Google Glass? Let us know in the comments section down below!