Turkish Payment Provider Creates App That Lets Users Send Payments from Google Glass

BKM (Interbank Card Center of Turkey), a payment system operator that is partnered with 16 banks in Turkey, has created an application for Google Glass that allows people to send digital payments from the device.


BKM runs a card payment system called BKM Express that was developed in collaboration with the 16 banks that they are partnered with. BKM Express members use the service to store their credit cards and debit cards in a single convenient digital wallet. Members can use their BKM Express wallet to shop online without needing to enter credit card information. They can also use their account to add money to a card or to send money to a mobile phone number.

BKM seems to be interested in bringing their BKM Express platform to wearables, because they have created an application for Google Glass that lets BKM Express members access their account and make payments from the device using voice commands. The idea behind the app is that, with the application, members of BKM Express barely have to lift a finger to pay for goods and services. Currently, there is no download link available for the Google Glass application.

iGaranti, a Google Glass app for Garanti (a turkish bank) customers, was released not too long ago. So, it’s not completely unexpected for more payment and bank apps to come from Turkey.

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Source: MobeyForum.org

Image Source: Nihat Erdem