Twitter No Longer Updating / Supporting Google Glass App

Popular social network Twitter is no longer updating its Google Glass app. The only people who can see and access the application are those who already have it installed.

Early Friday morning, Reddit user Pete716 reported that twitter is no longer developing their application for Google Glass. Pete716 found this out via an email from Google Glass support.


The Twitter glassware can no longer be found on the official glassware site and the app cannot be found in the MyGlass app either. The people who have the Twitter application installed already are able to access it and see it. While Explorers who have the application installed are able to see it in their Active Glassware, the app lacks a picture and the description states that the application has not been reviewed.

Glass Support Email:

Pete716 was nice enough to forward us his support email. I split it into chunks to make it a bit easier to read.

Glass support:

glass support

Peter716’s response:

glass support

Glass Support’s Response:

glass support2

We can all agree that it sucks that Twitter will no longer be updating their glassware. With that being said, it’s kind of understandable for them not to. While Google Glass is obviously going places, the amount of people who use it on a regular basis is still pretty small. Plus, with wear notifications it’s probably not worth dedicating resources to keep the glassware updated. The glassware offered a nice smooth Twitter experience on Google Glass, but with wear notifications the application isn’t really necessary.

It’s definitely sad to see the Twitter glassware go. Hopefully one day we might see it come back, but I doubt that will be anytime soon. Maybe if enough Explorers contact them, then they’ll bring it back.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Feel free to share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below! 

Sources: Pete716