UK Medical School to Add Google Glass To Curriculum

A university located in the United Kingdom will soon be implementing Google Glass into some of its medical courses.

Queen Mary University of London

A lot of people dislike Google Glass. While Google Glass has a ton of features that can assist people with their daily tasks, many people just don’t like the thought of someone wearing a computer on their face. Sadly, many privacy groups have fought against Google Glass and have unfortunately had it banned in many places.

While a good chunk of the world seems to dislike Google Glass, the device is still having some success, especially when it comes to healthcare. Many doctors, surgeons and nurses are excited by the technology and are using the device to help patients and more. Some doctors are using the device to access patient records, some surgeons are using it to consult with other surgeons, and some surgeons are even using the device to stream information to students across the world. Soon there will even be a class at a medical school in the UK that uses Google Glass.

According to a story published by HIT Consultant, the Queen Mary University of London will soon be implementing Google Glass into their curriculum. The university sees Google Glass as a useful training tool for surgical students. The university has stated some of the benefits of implementing Google Glass into the school’s medical curriculum and the benefits include:

  • Students can watch live streams of surgeries.
  • Students can interact with surgeons during operations without being in the room.
  • Students can learn basic skills remotely.

The school can definitely benefit from implementing Google Glass and really the university has already proven they will. Earlier this year, a group of consultant surgeons from the Barts Health NHS Trust and some students from the Queen Mary University of London used Google Glass to stream a live surgery to over 13,000 students and professionals in 155 countries. The stream was very well received by the students who watched it and by the people who heard about it.

The Queen Mary University of London is one the first schools outside of the United States to consider and to implement Google Glass into some classes. That is pretty awesome and it also shows that Google Glass is more popular and useful than the mainstream media wants to portray. While Google Glass may not be living up to its original hype and while it may be one of the most disliked devices out there right now, it has its uses and it’s here to stay.

Anyway, what are your thoughts on this? Would you like to see more universities use Google Glass? Share your thoughts with us in the comments section down below!